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TPS62050DGSR(查看) MSOP10


技术资料—— TPS62050 PDF技术资料

TPS62050 概述

The TPS62050 devices is a high-efficiency synchronous step-down dc/dc converter ideally suited for systems powered from a 1-cell or 2-cell Li-Ion battery or from a 3-cell to 5-cell NiCd, NiMH, or alkaline battery.

The TPS62050 is a synchronous PWM converter with integrated N-channel and P-channel power MOSFET switches. Operating frequency is typically 850 kHz, allowing the use of small inductor and capacitor values. The TPS62050 can be synchronized to an external clock signal in the range of 600 kHz to 1.

TPS62050 参数
TPS62050 基本参数
Vin (V)   2.7~10
Vout (V)   0.7~6
TPS62050 其他特性
可调输出端   1
Iq (Typ)(mA)   0.012
TPS62050 封装与引脚

TPS62050 特性

  • High-Efficiency Synchronous Step-Down Converter With up to 95% Efficiency
  • 12-µA Quiescent Current (TYP)
  • 2.7 V to 10 V Operating Input Voltage Range
  • Adjustable Output Voltage Range From 0.7 V to 6 V
  • Synchronizable to External Clock Signal up to 1.2 MHz
  • High Efficiency Over a Wide Load Current Range in Power Save Mode
  • 100% Maximum Duty Cycle for Lowest Dropout
  • Low Noise Operation in Forced Fixed Frequency PWM Operation Mode
  • Internal Softstart
  • Overtemperature and Overcurrent Protected
  • Available in 10-Pin Microsmall Outline Package MSOP

TPS62050 应用

  • Cellular Phones
  • Organizers, PDAs, and Handheld PCs
  • Low Power DSP Supply
  • Digital Cameras and Hard Disks