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TPS61045DRBR(查看) SON8


技术资料—— TPS61045 PDF技术资料

TPS61045 概述

The TPS61045 is a high frequency boost converter with digitally programmable output voltage and true shutdown.

With a high switching frequency of up to 1 MHz, the TPS61045 allows the use of small external components and together, with the small 8-pin QFN package, a minimum system solution size is achieved.

TPS61045 参数
TPS61045 基本参数
Vin (V)   1.8~6
输出电压 (Max)(V)   28
TPS61045 其他特性
可调输出端   1
转换电流极限(Typ)(A)   0.45
TPS61045 封装与引脚

TPS61045 特性

  • Input Voltage Range . . .1.8 V to 6 V
  • Output voltage of up to 28V possible
  • Up to 85% Efficiency
  • Digitally Adjustable Output Voltage Control
  • Disconnects Output From Input During Shutdown
  • Switching Frequency . . . Up to 1 MHz
  • No Load Quiescent Current . . . 40 µA Typ
  • Thermal Shutdown Mode
  • Shutdown Current . . . 0.1 µA Typ
  • Available in Small 3mm × 3mm QFN package

TPS61045 应用

  • LCD Bias Supply For Small to Medium LCD Displays
  • OLED Display Power Supply
    • PDA, Pocket PC, Smart Phones
    • Handheld Devices
    • Cellular Phones