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技术资料—— TPS61032 PDF技术资料

TPS61032 概述

The TPS61032 devices provide a power supply solution for products powered by either a one-cell Li-Ion or Li-polymer, or a two to three-cell alkaline, NiCd or NiMH battery. The TPS61032 generates a stable output voltage that is fixed internally on the chip. The TPS61032 provides high efficient power conversion and is capable of delivering output currents up to 1 A at 5 V at a supply voltage down to 1.8 V.

The TPS61032 can be disabled to minimize battery drain. During shutdown, the load is completely disconnected from the battery.

The TPS61032 is packaged in a 16-pin QFN package measuring 4 mm x 4 mm (RSA) or in a 16-pin TSSOP PowerPAD™ package (PWP).

TPS61032 参数
TPS61032 基本参数
Vin (V)   1.8~5.5
Vout (V)   5
TPS61032 其他特性
可调输出端   1
Iq (Typ)(mA)   0.02
TPS61032 封装与引脚

TPS61032 特性

  • 96% Efficient Synchronous Boost Converter With 1000-mA Output Current From 1.8-V Input
  • Device Quiescent Current . . 20-µA (Typ)
  • Input Voltage Range . . 1.8-V to 5.5-V
  • Fixed Output Voltage of 5-V
  • Power Save Mode for Improved Efficiency at Low Output Power
  • Low Battery Comparator
  • Low EMI-Converter (Integrated Antiringing Switch)
  • Load Disconnect During Shutdown
  • Over-Temperature Protection
  • Available in a Small 4 mm x 4 mm QFN-16 or in a TSSOP-16 Package

TPS61032 应用

  • All Single Cell Li or Dual Cell Battery Operated Products as MP-3 Player, PDAs, and Other Portable Equipment