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TOP414GN(查看) SMD


技术资料—— TOP414 PDF技术资料

TOP414 概述

  The TOP414 implements, with only three terminals, all functions necessary for a DC to DC, converter: high voltage N-channel power MOSFET with controlled turn-on gate driver, voltage mode PWM controller with integrated 120 kHz oscillator, high voltage start-up bias circuit, bandgap derived reference, bias shunt regulator/error amplifier for loop compensation and fault protection circuitry. Compared to discrete MOSFET and controller or self oscillating (RCC) switching converter solutions, a TOPSwitch integrated circuit can reduce total cost, component count, size, weight and at the same time increase efficiency and system reliability.
  The TOP414 is well suited for Telecom, Cablecom and other DC to DC converter applications up to 21 W of output power. Internally, the lead frame of the SMD-8 package uses six of its pins to transfer heat from the chip directly to the board, eliminating the cost of a heat sink.
TOP414 参数
TOP414 基本参数
输出电压   5.8V
最大频率   120kHz
PWM类型   电压模式
TOP414 输出功率
18VDC   4W
24VDC   6W
36VDC   9W
48VDC   12W
60VDC   15W
72VDC   18W
90VDC   21W
TOP414 封装类型

TOP414 特性

    Low Cost Replacement for Discrete Switchers
  • Up to 15 fewer components - cuts cost, increases reliability
  • Allows for a smaller and lighter solution under 12mm height, all surface mount components
    Over 80% Efficiency in Flyback Topology
  • Built-in start-up and current limit reduce DC losses
  • Low capacitance MOSFET cuts switching losses
  • CMOS controller/gate driver consumes only 7 mW
  • 70% maximum duty cycle minimizes conduction losses
    Simplifies Design - Reduces Time to Market
  • Integrated PWM Controller and high power MOSFET
  • Only one external capacitor needed for compensation, bypass and start-up/auto-restart functions
    System Level Fault Protection Features
  • Auto-restart and cycle by cycle current limiting functions handle both primary and secondary faults
  • On-chip latching thermal shutdown protects the entire system against overload
    Highly Versatile
  • Implements Buck, Boost, Flyback or Forward topology
  • Easily interfaces with both opto and primary feedback
  • Supports continuous or discontinuous mode of operation
  • Specified for operation down to 16 V DC input