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TOP225YN(查看) TO-220


技术资料—— TOP225 PDF技术资料

TOP225 概述

  The TOP225 is more cost effective and provides several enhancements over the first generation TOPSwitch family. The TOP225 extends the power range from 100W to 150W for 100/115/230 VAC input and from 50W to 90W for 85-265 VAC universal input. This brings TOPSwitch technology advantages to many new applications, i.e. TV, Monitor, Audio amplifiers, etc. Many significant circuit enhancements that reduce the sensitivity to board layout and line transients now make the design even easier.
  The standard 8L PDIP package option reduces cost in lower power, high efficiency applications. The internal lead frame of this package uses six of its pins to transfer heat from the chip directly to the board, eliminating the cost of a heat sink. TOPSwitch incorporates all functions necessary for a switched mode control system into a three terminal monolithic IC: power MOSFET, PWM controller, high voltage start up circuit, loop compensation and fault protection circuitry.
TOP225 参数
TOP225 基本参数
输出电压   5.7V
频率范围   90~110kHz
工作温度   -40℃~150℃
TOP225 输出功率
230 VAC ±15%   Y 100W
85-265 VAC   Y 60W
TOP225 封装类型

TOP225 特性

  • Lowest cost, lowest component count switcher solution
  • Cost competitive with linears above 5W
  • Very low AC/DC losses – up to 90% efficiency
  • Built-in Auto-restart and Current limiting
  • Latching Thermal shutdown for system level protection
  • Implements Flyback, Forward, Boost or Buck topology
  • Works with primary or opto feedback
  • Stable in discontinuous or continuous conduction mode
  • Source connected tab for low EMI
  • Circuit simplicity and Design Tools reduce time to market