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技术资料—— REF01 PDF技术资料

REF01 概述

The REF01 precision voltage reference provides a stable +10V output which can be adjusted over a ±3% range with minimal effect on temperature stability. Single-supply operation over an input voltage range of 12V to 40V, low current drain of 1mA, and excellent temperature stability are achieved with an improved bandgap design. Low cost, low-noise, and low-power make the REF01 an excellent choice whenever a stable voltage reference is required. Applications of tie REF01 include D/A and A/D converters, portable instrumentation, and digital voltmeters.

REF01 参数
REF01 基本参数
Vout   10 V
工作电压   +12 to +40 V
REF01 其他特性
初始精度   0.3%
基准输出电流   10 mA
REF01 封装与引脚

REF01 特性

  • 10 V Output, ±0.3% Max
  • Adjustment Range, ±3% Min
  • Excellent Temperature Stability, 8.5 ppm/°C Max
  • Low Noise, 30 µV p-p Max
  • Low Supply Current 1.4 mA Max
  • Wide Input Voltage Range, 12 V to 40 V
  • High Load Driving Capability, 10 mA
  • No External Components
  • Short Circuit Proof