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DCP010512BP(查看) PDIP14-7
DCP010512DBP(查看) PDIP14-7


技术资料—— DCP010512 PDF技术资料

DCP010512 概述

The DCP010512 is a 1W, unregulated, isolated DC/DC converter. Requiring a minimum of external components and including on-chip device protection, the DCP010512 provides extra features such as output disable and synchronization of switching frequencies.

The use of a highly-integrated package design results in highly reliable products with a power density of 40W/in³ (2.4W/cm³). This combination of features and small sizes makes the DCP010512 suitable for a wide range of applications.

DCP010512 参数
DCP010512 基本参数
Vin (V)   5
Vout (V)   12 / ±12
DCP010512 其他特性
可调输出端   1 / 2
DCP010512 封装与引脚
PDIP14-7, SOP14-7

DCP010512 特性

  • Up To 85% Efficiency
  • Thermal Protection
  • Device-to-Device Synchronization
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • EN55022 Class B EMC Performance
  • UL1950 Recognized Component
  • JEDEC DIP-14 and SOP-14 Packages

DCP010512 应用

  • Point-of-Use Power Conversion
  • Ground Loop Elimination
  • Data Acquisition
  • Industrial Control and Instrumentation
  • Test Equipment