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TLV5638CD(查看) SOIC8


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TLV5638 概述

The TLV5638 is a dual 12-bit voltage output DAC with a flexible 3-wire serial interface. The serial interface allows glueless interface to TMS320 and SPITM, QSPITM, and MicrowireTM serial ports. It is programmed with a 16-bit serial string containing 4 control and 12 data bits.

Because of its ability to source up to 1 mA, the reference can also be used as a system reference. Implemented with a CMOS process, the TLV5638 is designed for single supply operation from 2.7 V to 5.5 V. The TLV5638 is available in an 8-pin SOIC package to reduce board space in standard commercial, industrial, and automotive temperature ranges. The TLV5638 is also available in JG and FK packages in the military temperature range.

TLV5638 参数
TLV5638 基本参数
分辨率(Bits)   12
采样率   233 KSPS
TLV5638 其他特性
工作电压(V)   2.7-5.25
通道数   2
TLV5638 封装与引脚

TLV5638 特性

  • Dual 12-Bit Voltage Output DAC
  • Programmable Internal Reference
  • Programmable Settling Time:
    • 1 µs in Fast Mode,
    • 3.5 µs in Slow Mode
  • Compatible With TMS320 and SPITM Serial Ports
  • Differential Nonlinearity <0.5 LSB Typ
  • Monotonic Over Temperature

TLV5638 应用

  • Digital Servo Control Loops
  • Digital Offset and Gain Adjustment
  • Industrial Process Control
  • Machine and Motion Control Devices
  • Mass Storage Devices