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技术资料—— TLC0820A PDF技术资料

TLC0820A 概述

The TLC0820A are Advanced LinCMOS™ 8-bit analog-to-digital converters each consisting of two 4-bit flash converters, a 4-bit digital-to-analog converter, a summing (error) amplifier, control logic, and a result latch circuit. The modified flash technique allows low-power integrated circuitry to complete an 8-bit conversion in 1.18 us over temperature. The on-chip track-and-hold circuit has a 100-ns sample window and allows the TLC0820A to convert continuous analog signals having slew rates of up to 100 mV/us without external sampling components. TTL-compatible 3-state output drivers and two modes of operation allow interfacing to a variety of microprocessors. Detailed information on interfacing to most popular microprocessors is readily available from the factory.

TLC0820A 参数
TLC0820A 基本参数
分辨率(Bits)   8
采样速率(max)   392 kSPS
TLC0820A 其他特性
工作电压(V)   4.5~8
输入通道数   1
TLC0820A 封装与引脚

TLC0820A 特性

  • Advanced LinCMOS™ Silicon-Gate Technology
  • 8-Bit Resolution
  • Differential Reference Inputs
  • Parallel Microprocessor Interface
  • Conversion and Access Time Over Temperature Range
    Read Mode: 2.5 us Max
  • No External Clock or Oscillator Components Required
  • On-Chip Track and Hold
  • Single 5-V Supply
  • TLC0820A Is Direct Replacement for National Semiconductor ADC0820C/CC and Analog Devices AD7820K/B/T