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SP3223EEA(查看) SSOP20


技术资料—— SP3223E PDF技术资料
SP3223E 参数
SP3223E 基本参数
No. of Tx 2
No. of Rx 2
Data Rate (kbps) 120
Vcc (V) 3.3 (3~5.5)
SP3223E 其他特性
ESD (KV) 15
Int.Chrg. Pump Yes
No. ofExtCaps 4
NomCap.Value(µF) 0.1
Shutdown Yes
TTLTri-state Yes
SP3223E 封装类型

SP3223E 概述

The SP3223E products are RS-232 transceiver solutions intended for portable applications such as notebook and hand held computers. The SP3223E use an internal high-efficiency, charge-pump power supply that requires only 0.1μF capacitors in 3.3V operation. This charge pump and Sipex's driver architecture allow the SP3223E series to deliver compliant RS-232 performance from a single power supply ranging from +3.3V to +5.0V. The SP3223E is a 2- driver/2-receiver device ideal for laptop/notebook computer and PDA applications.

SP3223E 特性

  • Meets true EIA/TIA-232-F Standards
  • from a +3.0V to +5.5V power supply
  • Interoperable with EIA/TIA-232 and
  • adheres to EIA/TIA-562 down to a +2.7V power source
  • AUTO ON-LINE® circuitry automatically wakes up from a 1μA shutdown
  • Regulated Charge Pump Yields Stable RS-232 Outputs Regardless of Vcc Variations
  • ESD Specifications:
    • ±15KV Human Body Model
    • ±15KV IEC1000-4-2 Air Discharge
    • ±8KV IEC1000-4-2 Contact Discharge