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RTL8305SC-LF(查看) PQFP128


技术资料—— RTL8305SC PDF技术资料

RTL8305SC 概述

The RTL8305SC is a 5-port Fast Ethernet switch controller that integrates memory, five MACs, and five physical layer transceivers for 10Base-T and 100Base-TX operation into a single chip. All ports support 100Base-FX, which shares pins (TX+-/RX+-) with UTP ports and needs no SD+/- pins, a development using Realtek proprietary technology. To compensate for the lack of auto-negotiation in 100Base-FX applications, the RTL8305SC can be forced into 100Base-FX half or full duplex mode, and can enable or disable flow control in fiber mode.

RTL8305SC 特性

  • 5-port integrated switch controller with memory and transceiver for 10Base-T and 100Base-TX with:
    • 5-port 10/100M UTP or
    • 4-port 10/100M UTP + 1-port MII/SNI or
    • 4-port 10/100M UTP + 1-port MAC MII/SNI + 1-port PHY MII
  • RTL8305SC supports the fifth port MAC circuit as PHY mode MII, SNI for router applications, and MAC mode MII for HomePNA or VDSL solutions
  • Supports the fifth port PHY circuit as PHY mode MII for router and Gateway applications
  • RTL8305SC supports FEFI function for fiber application
  • Fully compliant with IEEE 802.3/802.3u auto-negotiation function
  • Built-in high-efficiency SRAM for packet buffer, with 1K entry lookup table and 16-entry CAM
  • RTL8305SC supports broadcast storm filtering function

RTL8305SC 应用

  • RTL8305SC supports MAC and PHY loopback function for diagnosis
  • ARP VLAN for broadcast packets
  • Leaky VLAN for unicast packets
  • VLAN tag Insert/Remove function
  • Flexible LED indicators for link, activity, speed, full/half duplex, and collision
  • LEDs blink upon reset for LED diagnostics
  • Optional MDI/MDIX auto crossover for plug-and-play
  • Optional EEPROM interface for configuration
  • 25MHz crystal or 3.3V OSC input
  • Single 3.3V power input can be transformed to 1.8V via a low-cost external BJT transistor
  • Low power, 1.8/3.3V, 0.18μm CMOS technology, 128-pin PQFP package

  • Broadband gateway/firewall/VPN
  • Wireless LAN access point + gateway
  • Home networking expansion
  • Standalone 10/100 switch
  • Small workgroup switch
  • VoIP infrastructure switch