技术资料—— PIC18F2331 PDF技术资料

PIC18F2331 概述

This family offers the advantages of all PIC18 microcontrollers–namely,high computational perfor-mance at an economical price,with the addition of high endurance enhanced Flash program memory and a high-speed 10-bit A/D Converter.On top of these features,the PIC18F2331 family introduces design enhancements that make these micro-controllers a logical choice for many high-performance,power control and motor control applications.These special peripherals include:

  • 14-Bit Resolution Power Control PWM module(PCPWM)with Programmable Dead-time Insertion
  • Motion Feedback Module(MFM),including a 3-Channel Input Capture(IC)module and Quadrature Encoder Interface(QEI)
  • High-Speed 10-Bit A/D Converter(HSADC)

The PCPWM can generate up to eight complementary PWM outputs with dead-band time insertion.Overdrive current is detected by off-chip analog comparators or the digital Fault inputs(FLTA,FLTB).

The MFM Quadrature Encoder Interface provides precise rotor position feedback and/or velocity measurement.The MFM 3x input capture or external interrupts can be used to detect the rotor state for electrically commutated motor applications using Hall sensor feedback,such as BLDC motor drives.

PIC18F2331 devices also feature Flash program memory and an internal RC oscillator with built-in LP modes.

PIC18F2331 参数
PIC18F2331 存储器
Flash (KB)   8
RAM (Bytes)   768
Data EEPROM (bytes)   256
PIC18F2331 其他参数
程序存储器类型   Flash
CPU速率 (MIPS)   10
数字通信模块   1-A/E/USART,
捕捉/比较/PWM 模块   2 CCP
定时器   1 x 8-bit
3 x 16-bit
ADC   5ch, 10-bit
比较器   -
工作电压 (V)   2 to 5.5
PIC18F2331 封装与引脚

PIC18F2331 特性

  • Power Control PWM Module (8 channels)
  • Motion Feedback Module w/ Quadrature Encoder Interface
  • 200Ksps ADC Module
  • 8MHz Internal Oscillator
  • Self-Programming
  • 40 MHz Max Speed