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PIC18F14K50-I/SS(查看) SSOP20


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PIC18F14K50 概述

The PIC18F14K50 brings advanced features and exceptional value to the embedded USB market. This low cost PIC® Microcontroller features a full speed USB 2.0 compliant interface that can automatically change clock sources and power levels upon connection to a host, making it an exceptional device for battery-powered applications.

The addition of mTouch(TM) touch sensing compatibility, a 10-bit ADC, motor control PWMs, and a host of serial interfaces make the PIC18F14K50 the perfect device to "Just add USB" to any application.

PIC18F14K50 参数
PIC18F14K50 存储器
Flash (KB)   16
RAM (Bytes)   768
Data EEPROM (bytes)   256
PIC18F14K50 其他参数
程序存储器类型   Flash
CPU速率 (MIPS)   12
数字通信模块   1-A/E/USART,
捕捉/比较/PWM 模块   1 ECCP
定时器   1 x 8-bit,
3 x 16-bit
ADC   9 ch, 10-bit
比较器   2
USB (ch, speed, compliance)   1, Full Speed, USB 2.0
工作电压 (V)   1.8 to 5.5
XLP   Yes
Cap Touch 通道   9
PIC18F14K50 封装与引脚

PIC18F14K50 特性

  • High Performance PIC18 Core
  • C Compiler optimized architecture
  • Self-programmable under software control
  • Support for Interrupt Priority Levels
  • 8x8 Single-Cycle Hardware Multiplier
  • Enhanced Watchdog Timer with a programmable period Full Speed Universal Serial Bus Interface
  • USB v2.0 compliant interface
  • Supports both Low Speed and Full Speed operation
  • Supports Control, Interrupt, Isochronous and Bulk transfer
  • Up to 16 Endpoints (or up to 8 bidirectional)
  • Automatic detection of physical connection to USB host
  • 256-byte Dual Access RAM Flexible Clocking Options
  • Can be internally clocked up to 48MHz
  • Fully tunable Internal Oscillator - Supplies frequencies from 31KHz to 16MHz - Can be user-adjusted for frequency drift
  • Internal 4x Phase Lock Loop (PLL) - Can be used with External or Internal Oscillators
  • Fail-safe Clock Monitor - Allows for safe shutdown during oscillator failure Advanced PIC® Microcontroller Peripherals
  • Dual Capture/Compare/PWM interfaces - Up to 5 PWM Outputs - Programmable dead time, auto shutdown/restart
  • Master I2C/SPI Interface - Supports all modes of 3-wire SPI - I2C™Compatible Master and Slave modes with address masking
  • Enhanced Addressable USART Module - Supports RS-485, RS-232, and LIN 2.0
  • 10-bit, 9-channel ADC Module - Can acquire & convert samples automatically - Can operate in sleep mode
  • mTouch(TM) compatible Analog Comparators w/ SR Latch - Rail to Rail operation - Independent input multiplexing
  • Robust GPIO with 25mA sink/source current
  • Programmable On-chip Voltage Reference - Can be used with Comparators or ADC Operating Environment Versatility
  • 1.8 to 5.6V Operating Range
  • Software Programmable Brown-out Reset feature
  • Four power-managed operating modes
  • Two-speed clock startup option