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OP270FZ(查看) CDIP8


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OP270 概述

The OP270 is a high-performance monolithic dual operational amplifier with exceptionally low voltage noise, 5nV/(root)Hz at 1kHz Max, offering comparable performance to PMI's industry standard OP-27.

The OP270 features an input offset voltage below 75µV and offset drift under 1µV/°C, guaranteed over the full military temperature range. Open-loop gain of the OP270 is over 1,500,000 into a 10k Ohm load insuring excellent gain accuracy and linearity, even in high-gain applications. Input bias current is under 20nA which reduces errors due to signal source resistance. The OP270's CMR of over 106dB and PSRR of less than 3.2µV/V significantly reduce errors due to ground noise and power supply fluctuations. Power consumption of the dual OP270 is one-third less than two OP-27s, a significant advantage for power concious applications. The OP270 is unity-gain stable with a gain-bandwidth product of 5MHz and a slew rate of 2.4V/µs.

The OP270 offers excellent amplifier matching which is important for applications such as multiple gain blocks, low-noise instrumentation amplifiers, dual buffers, and low-noise active filters.

The OP270 conforms to the industry standard 8-pin DIP pinout. It is pin compatible with the MC1458/1558, SE5532/A, RM4558, and HA5102 dual op amps and can be used to upgrade systems using these devices.

OP270 参数
OP270 基本参数
SR   2.4 V/µs
GBW   5 MHz
Vos   50 µV
Ib   15 nA
OP270 其他特性
工作电压   ±4.5V~18V
Channels   2
工作温度   −40℃ ~ 85℃
OP270 封装与引脚

OP270 特性

  • Very Low Noise 5 nV/√Hz @ 1 kHz Max
  • Excellent Input Offset Voltage 75 µV Max
  • Low Offset Voltage Drift 1 µV/°C Max
  • Very High Gain 1500 V/mV Min
  • Outstanding CMR 106 dB Min
  • Slew Rate 2.4 V/µs Typ
  • Gain Bandwidth Product 5 MHz Typ
  • Industry-Standard 8-Lead Dual Pinout