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OP27AJ(查看) TO-99
OP27AZ(查看) CDIP8


技术资料—— OP27 PDF技术资料

OP27 概述

The OP27 precision operational amplifier combines the low offset and drift of the OP-07 with both high speed and low noise. Offsets down to 25µV and drift of 0.6µV/°C maximum make the OP27 ideal for precision instrumentation applications. Exceptionally low noise, en=3.5nV/(root)Hz, at 10 Hz, a low 1/f noise corner frequency of 2.7Hz, and high gain (1.8 million), allow accurate high-gain amplification of low-level signals. A gain-bandwidth product of 8MHz and a 2.8V/µsec slew rate provides excellent dynamic accuracy in high-speed data-acquisition systems.

A low input bias current of ±10nA is achieved by use of a bias-current-cancellation circuit. Over the military temperature range, this circuit typically holds IB and IOS to ±20nA and 15nA respectively.

The output stage has good load driving capability. A guaranteed swing of ±10V into 600 Ohms and low output distortion make the OP27 an excellent choice for proffessional audio applications.

PSRR and CMRR exceed 120dB. These characteristics, coupled with long-term drift of 0.2µV/month, allow the circuit designer to achieve performance levels previously attained only by discrete designs.

OP27 参数
OP27 基本参数
SR   2.8 V/µs
GBW   8 MHz
Vos   30 µV
Ib   15 nA
OP27 其他特性
工作电压   ±4.5V~22V
Channels   1
工作温度   商业, 工业, 扩展
OP27 封装与引脚

OP27 特性

  • Low noise: 80 nV p-p (0.1 Hz to 10 Hz), 3 nV/√Hz
  • Low drift: 0.2 μV/°C
  • High speed: 2.8 V/μs slew rate, 8 MHz gain bandwidth
  • Low VOS: 10 μV
  • Excellent CMRR: 126 dB at VCM of ±11 V
  • High open-loop gain: 1.8 million
  • Fits OP07, 5534A sockets
  • Available in die form