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技术资料—— OP07D PDF技术资料

OP07D 概述

The OP07D is a low cost option of the OP07 family with voltage offset performance of 150 µV max. The OP07D is a precision, ultralow offset amplifier. It integrates low power (1.1 mA typical), low input bias current (±1 nA maximum), and high CMRR/PSRR (130 dB). Operation is fully specified from ±5 V to ±15 V supply.

The OP07D provides higher accuracy than industry-standard OP07-type amplifiers due to Analog Devices’ iPolar™ process, which supports enhanced performance in a smaller footprint. These performance enhancements include wider output swing, lower power, and higher CMRR (common-mode rejection ratio) and PSRR (power supply rejection ratio). The OP07D maintains stability of offsets and gain virtually regardless of variations in time or temperature. Excellent linearity and gain accuracy can be maintained at high closed-loop gains.

The OP07D is fully specified over the extended industrial tem¬perature range of −40°C to +125°C. The OP07D amplifier is available in 8-lead DIP and the popular 8-lead, narrow SOIC lead-free packages.

OP07D 参数
OP07D 基本参数
SR   0.2 V/µs
GBW   0.6 MHz
Vos   45 µV
Ib   200 pA
OP07D 其他特性
工作电压   ±4V~18V
Channels   1
工作温度   −40℃ ~ 125℃
OP07D 封装与引脚

OP07D 特性

  • OP07 Performance at Low Cost
  • Compatible SOIC-8 & PDIP
  • 50% Lower Power Consumption than Standard OP07
  • No loss of Bandwidth, Slew Rate and Noise Performance
  • Improved PSRR, CMRR, Gain, Isy
  • Better Accuracy in Noisy Environments
  • Widest Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +125°C
  • High Stability with 80° Phase Margin — Extremely Easy to Use