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MAX5250BCAP(查看) SSOP20
MAX5250BEAP(查看) SSOP20


技术资料—— MAX5250 PDF技术资料

MAX5250 概述

The +5V MAX5250 combines four low-power, voltage-output, 10-bit digital-to-analog converters (DACs) and four precision output amplifiers in a space-saving, 20-pin package.

MAX5250 参数
MAX5250 基本参数
分辨率   10 Bits
建立时间   10 μs
MAX5250 其他特性
工作电压   4.5V to 5.5V
通道数   4
MAX5250 封装与引脚

MAX5250 特性

  • Four 10-Bit DACs with Configurable Output Amplifiers
  • +5V Single-Supply Operation
  • Low Supply Current: 0.85mA Normal Operation 10µA Shutdown Mode
  • Available in 20-Pin SSOP and DIP Packages
  • Power-On Reset Clears all Registers and DACs to Zero
  • SPI/QSPI and Microwire Compatible
  • Simultaneous or Independent Control of DACs through 3-Wire Serial Interface
  • User-Programmable Digital Output
  • Schmitt-Trigger Inputs for Direct Optocoupler Interface
  • 12-Bit Upgrade Available: MAX525