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LM2902DR(查看) SOIC14


技术资料—— LM2902 PDF技术资料

LM2902 概述

The LM2902 consist of four independent high-gain frequency-compensated operational amplifiers that are designed specifically to operate from a single supply over a wide range of voltages. Operation from split supplies also is possible if the difference between the two supplies is 3 V to 32 V (3 V to 26 V for the LM2902), and VCC is at least 1.5 V more positive than the input common-mode voltage. The low supply-current drain is independent of the magnitude of the supply voltage.

Applications of the LM2902 include transducer amplifiers, dc amplification blocks, and all the conventional operational-amplifier circuits that now can be more easily implemented in single-supply-voltage systems. For example, the LM2902 can be operated directly from the standard 5-V supply that is used in digital systems and provides the required interface electronics, without requiring additional ±15-V supplies.

LM2902 参数
LM2902 基本参数
SR   0.5 V/µs
GBW   1.2 MHz
VIO   7 mV
IIB   250 nA
LM2902 其他特性
电源电压(单/双±)   3V~26V,
Channels   4
工作温度   −40℃ ~ 125℃
LM2902 封装与引脚

LM2902 特性

  • 2-kV ESD Protection for:
    • LM224K, LM224KA
    • LM324K, LM324KA
    • LM2902K, LM2902KV, LM2902KAV
  • Wide Supply Ranges
    • Single Supply: 3 V to 32 V (26 V for LM2902)
    • Dual Supplies: ±1.5 V to ±16 V (±13 V for LM2902)
  • Low Supply-Current Drain Independent of Supply Voltage: 0.8 mA Typ
  • Common-Mode Input Voltage Range Includes Ground, Allowing Direct Sensing Near Ground
  • Low Input Bias and Offset Parameters
    • Input Offset Voltage: 3 mV Typ
      A Versions: 2 mV Typ
    • Input Offset Current: 2 nA Typ
    • Input Bias Current: 20 nA Typ
      A Versions: 15 nA Typ
  • Differential Input Voltage Range Equal to Maximum-Rated Supply Voltage: 32 V (26 V for LM2902)
  • Open-Loop Differential Voltage Amplification: 100 V/mV Typ
  • Internal Frequency Compensation