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DAC0832LCN(查看) MDIP20


技术资料—— DAC0832 PDF技术资料

DAC0832 概述

The DAC0830 is an advanced CMOS/Si-Cr 8-bit multiplying DAC designed to interface directly with the 8080, 8048, 8085, Z80®, and other popular microprocessors.

Double buffering allows the DAC0830 to output a voltage corresponding to one digital word while holding the next digital word. This permits the simultaneous updating of any number of DACs.

The DAC0830 series are the 8-bit members of a family of microprocessor-compatible DACs (MICRO-DAC™).

DAC0832 参数
DAC0832 基本参数
分辨率   8 Bits
建立时间   1000 ns
DAC0832 其他特性
工作电压   +5V to +15V
通道数   1
DAC0832 封装与引脚

DAC0832 特性

  • Current settling time: 1 µs
  • Resolution: 8 bits
  • Linearity: 8, 9, or 10 bits (guaranteed over temp.)
  • Gain Tempco: 0.0002% FS/°C
  • Low power dissipation: 20 mW
  • Single power supply: 5 to 15 VDC