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CP2200-GQ(查看) TQFP48


技术资料—— CP2200 PDF技术资料

CP2200 概述

The CP2200 is a single-chip Ethernet controller containing an integrated IEEE 802.3-compliant Media Access Controller (MAC), a 10Base-T Physical Layer (PHY) and 8 kB of non-volatile Flash memory available in either a 28-pin QFN (5x5 mm) or 48-pin TQFP (9x9 mm) package.

CP2200 特性

  • IEEE 802.3 MAC and 10 BASE-T PHY
  • CP2200 fully compatible with 100/1000 BASE-T
  • Full/Half duplex with auto-negotiation
  • Automatic polarity detection and correction
  • Royalty-free TCP/IP stack with device drivers
  • TCP/IP Configuration Wizard
  • Hardware diagnostic software
  • Royalty-free TCP/IP stack with device drivers

CP2200 应用

  • RS-232-to-Ethernet bridges
  • USB-to-Ethernet bridges
  • Vending machines
  • Hotel mini bars
  • Asset monitoring
  • Security panels
  • Access control
  • POS terminals
  • Appliances
  • Power supplies
  • Servers/Networks
  • VoIP phone adapters
  • Industrial control and automation
  • Environmental control