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AD9203ARUZ(查看) TSSOP28


技术资料—— AD9203 PDF技术资料

AD9203 概述

The AD9203 is a monolithic low power, single supply, 10-bit, 40 MSPS analog-to-digital converter with an on-chip voltage reference. The AD9203 uses a multistage differential pipeline architecture at 40 MSPS data rate and guarantees no missing codes over the full operating temperature range. The AD9203's input range may be adjusted between 1 V and 2 V p-p.

The AD9203 has an on-board programmable reference. An external reference can also be chosen to suit the DC accuracy and temperature drift requirements of an application. An external resistor can be used to reduce power consumption when operating at lower sampling rates.

Fabricated on an advanced CMOS process, the AD9203 is available in a 28-pin thin shrink small outline package (28 TSSOP) specified over the industrial temperature range (-40°C to +85°C).

AD9203 参数
AD9203 基本参数
分辨率(Bits)   10
吞吐率   40 MSPS
AD9203 其他特性
工作电压(V)   2.7-3.6
输入通道数   1
AD9203 封装与引脚

AD9203 特性

  • Power Dissipation: 74 mW (3 V Supply, 40 MSPS)
  • ENOB: 9.5 at Fin = 20 MHz
  • Operation Between 2.7 V to 3.6 V Supply
  • Input Range: 1 to 2 V p-p differential or single-ended
  • Differential Linearity: ±0.25 LSB
  • Adjustable On-Chip Voltage Reference
  • Power-Down (Standby) Mode, 0.65 mW
  • Adjustable Power Consumption
  • IF Under-Sampling Beyond 130 MHz
  • Out of Range Indicator
  • Two's Complement or Straight Binary Output
  • Internal Clamp Circuit