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AD9054ABSTZ-135(查看) LQFP44


技术资料—— AD9054A PDF技术资料

AD9054A 概述

The AD9054A is an 8-bit monolithic analog-to-digital converter optimized for high speed, low power, small size and ease of use. With a 200 MSPS encode rate capability and full-power analog bandwidth of 350 MHz, the AD9054A is ideal for applications requiring the highest possible dynamic performance.

AD9054A 参数
AD9054A 基本参数
分辨率(Bits)   8
吞吐率 AD9054A-135   135 MSPS
AD9054A-200   200 MSPS
AD9054A 其他特性
工作电压(V)   5-5
输入通道数   1
AD9054A 封装与引脚

AD9054A 特性

  • 200 MSPS Guaranteed Conversion Rate
  • 135 MSPS Low Cost Version Available
  • 350 MHz Analog Bandwidth
  • 1 V p-p Analog Input Range
  • Internal 2.5 V Reference and T/H
  • Low Power: 500 mW
  • 5 V Single Supply Operation
  • TTL Output Interface
  • Single or Demultiplexed Output Ports