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技术资料—— AD790 PDF技术资料

AD790 概述

The AD790 is a fast (45 ns), precise voltage comparator, with a number of features that make it exceptionally versatile and easy to use. The AD790 may operate from either a single +5 V supply or a dual ±15 V supply. In the single-supply mode, the AD790's inputs maybe referred to ground, a feature not found in other comparators. In the dual-supply mode it has the unique ability of handling a maximum differential voltage of 15 V across its input terminals, easing their interfacing to large amplitude and dynamic signals.

The AD790 is available in five performance grades. The AD790J and the AD790K are rated over the commercial temperature range of 0°C to 70°C. The AD790a and AD790B are rated over the industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. The AD790S is rated over the military temperature range of -55°C to +125°C and is available to MIL-STD-883B, Rev. C.

AD790 参数
AD790 基本参数
工作电压   250 mW
总功率   ±15 V
AD790 其他特性
输入范围   −VS to VS − 2
逻辑输出   TTL/CMOS
AD790 封装与引脚

AD790 特性

  • 45 ns max Propagation Delay
  • Single 5 V or Dual ±15 V Supply Operation
  • CMOS or TTL Compatible Output
  • 250 µV max Input Offset Voltage
  • 500 µV max Input Hysteresis Voltage
  • 15 V max Differential Input Voltage
  • Onboard Latch
  • 60 mW Power Dissipation
  • Available in 8-Pin Plastic and Hermetic Cerdip Packages
  • Available in Tape and Reel in Accordance with EIA-481A Standard