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AD7824KRZ(查看) SOIC24


技术资料—— AD7824 PDF技术资料

AD7824 概述

The AD7824 and AD7828 are high-speed, multichannel, 8-bit ADCs with a choice of 4 (AD7824) or 8 (AD7828) multiplexed analog inputs. A half-flash conversion technique gives a fast conversion rate of 2.5 µs per channel and the parts have a built-in track/hold function capable of digitizing full-scale signals of 10 kHz (157 mV/µs slew rate) on all channels. The AD7824 and AD7828 operate from a single +5 V supply and have an analog input range of 0 V to +5 V, using an external +5 V reference. The AD7824 and AD7828 can be interfaced easily to most popular microprocessors.

The AD7824 and AD7828 are fabricated in an advanced, all ion-implanted, Linear-Compatible CMOS process (LC²MOS) and have low power dissipation of 40 mW (typ). The AD7824 is available in a 0.3" wide, 24-pin "skinny" DIP, while the AD7828 is available in a 0.6" wide, 28-pin DIP and in 28- terminal surface mount packages.

AD7824 参数
AD7824 基本参数
分辨率(Bits)   8
吞吐率   100 KSPS
AD7824 其他特性
工作电压(V)   5-5
输入通道数   4
AD7824 封装与引脚

AD7824 特性

  • 4 or 8 Analog Input Channels
  • Built-In Track-and-Hold Function
  • 10 kHz Signal Handling on Each Channel
  • Fast Microprocessor Interface
  • Single 5 V Supply
  • Low Power: 50 mW
  • Fast Conversion Rate: 2.5 µs/Channel
  • Tight Error Specification: 1/2 LSB