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AD6644ASTZ-65(查看) LQFP52


技术资料—— AD6644 PDF技术资料

AD6644 概述

The AD6644 is a high speed, high performance, monolithic 14-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC). All necessary functions, including track-and-hold (TH) and reference are included on- chip to provide a complete conversion solution. The AD6644 provides CMOS-compatible digital outputs. It is the third generation in a wideband ADC family, preceded by the AD9042 (12-bit 41 MSPS) and the AD6640 (12-bit 65 MSPS, IF sampling).

The AD6644 is built on the Analog Devices high speed complementary bipolar process (XFCB) and uses an innovative, multipass circuit architecture. Units are packaged in a 52-lead plastic low profile quad flat package (LQFP) specified from – 25°C to +85°C.

AD6644 参数
AD6644 基本参数
分辨率(Bits)   14
吞吐率 AD6644-40   40 MSPS
AD6644-65   65 MSPS
AD6644 其他特性
工作电压(V)   4.75-5.25
输入通道数   1
AD6644 封装与引脚

AD6644 特性

  • 65 MSPS guaranteed sample rate
  • 40 MSPS version available
  • Sampling jitter < 300 fs
  • 100 dB multitone SFDR
  • 1.3 W power dissipation
  • Differential analog inputs
  • Pin compatible to AD6645
  • Twos complement digital output format
  • 3.3 V CMOS compatible
  • Data-ready for output latching

AD6644 应用

  • Multichannel, multimode receivers
  • Single channel digital receivers
  • Antenna array processing
  • Communications instrumentation
  • Radar, infrared imaging
  • Instrumentation