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TDA2030AV(查看) Pentawatt-5


技术资料—— TDA2030A PDF技术资料

TDA2030A 概述

The TDA2030A is a monolithic IC in Pentawatt® package intended for use as low frequency class AB amplifier.

With VS max = 44V TDA2030A is particularly suited for more reliable applications without regulated supply and for 35W driver circuits using low-cost complementary pairs.

The TDA2030A provides high output current and has very low harmonic and cross-over distortion.

Further the TDA2030A incorporates a short circuit protection system comprising an arrangement for automatically limiting the dissipated power so as to keep the working point of the output transistors within their safe operating area. A conventional thermal shut-down system is also included.

TDA2030A 参数
TDA2030A 主要参数
工作电压 (Vcc) 12-44 V
输出通道 typ 1
TDA2030A 其他特性
负载 typ 4
待机功能 No
待机电流 typ -
静音 No
TDA2030A 封装与引脚